Convert PSD to Responsive WordPress

Aesthetic Value and Smoothly Functional – these two factors are most important aspects of any WordPress Website. In true sense, both are necessary, in absence of any of the two, website becomes incomplete. We are discussing about one of the factors to make website responsive – about PSD (Photoshop Document File) to WordPress Conversion.

psd2 Resopnsive wordpress-theme

Let us understand how this open source community offers great possibilities to make a WordPress Website best by making it highly user friendly and efficient win terms of functionality. Unattractive and non-functional website loses its users. Users jump on to another websites, when they do not get smooth-user-experience and when they do not find site attractive. Let understand steps to convert PSD to WordPress Responsive:

  • Slicing Photoshop Document or PSD: it is simply a procedure to cut and divide image design file into multiple design files
  • Creating Index.html and style.css: well this procedure requires deep knowledge and there are users who use website creating software to code programs
  • Creaking index.html according to WordPress theme file structure: this is a process of creating a WordPress theme that would be uploaded into the WordPress software.
  • Adding WordPress tags: user can simply add WordPress inbuilt function tags in the theme files to get the desired functionality
  • Adding functionalities: user can download a plugin, install it, and let it take over

There are people, owning WordPress websites, who are non-programmers. Also, there are people, who wish to have a site on such useful CMS and they still wonder how they should begin with the process of creating a responsive site. There are experts to hire. Professional programmers provide best of solutions for developing, designing WordPress Website. There are expert programmers and coders who develop themes, provide services related to conversion of PSD to WordPress and more.


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